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Which Is The Best Hot Water System For Your Home

Which Is The Best Hot Water System For Your Home

Who does not like a hot bath after a long tiring day at work? We don’t think there’s anybody who doesn't.

In order to do that, a hot water system is essential. If you have a system already installed and want to replace it or you are looking to get a new water unit, it’s best that you know the basics of water heaters first.

There are plenty of available options on the market, but how do you select the best one for your home? To help you deal with the confusion, today, we have brought this guide to explain everything that you need to know about hot water heaters.

After reading this, you will have a fair understanding of what to look for when buying a hot water system. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Which Type Should You Go For?

Several factors determine the type of heating method that is best suitable for you. In this section, we look at the top 4 ways you can heat water.

Using Gas

You can make use of natural gas if you already have a connection made. Even though the price of gas keeps rising, it is mostly cheaper than electricity. Gas water systems are also quite easy to install and do not take more than 2 to 3 hours. You can get it done yourself or ask an electrician for help.

Gas Metre For Hot Water System

If you have a large household where you have more than four members, it is best to get a tank that has 140-175 litres holding capacity. You can even go for a unit that can instantly heat water. These units come with the option of installing both indoors and outdoors, depending on your requirements.

You can also opt for heaters that use a small amount of gas. This is a better option than electrical variants, as you can keep using gas heaters even when there is a power cut. The price range is mostly around $1000 to $2000. But let us warn you, this cost does not involve any installation charge.

Furthermore, you can even choose to use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in place of natural gas. But expect the costs to go up in the long run.

Electrical Heater

Electrical water heaters are great if you are looking for an affordable option. But there’s a small catch! Even though the equipment is inexpensive, it gets quite costly if you use it daily. Installation is not too hard and does not take more than 2 to 3 hours. Plus, it can be done both indoors or outdoors.

If you go for an option that runs on off-peak electricity, your power consumption will be in check. But to use this mechanism, you will require a larger tank. As the water for the entire day will get heated overnight, it is better to have a tank with a larger holding capacity.

Hot Water System In Garage New

On average, you need a tank of 250-320 litres if you are using off-peak electricity. Normally, a tank that is somewhere between 130- 160 litres is suitable for a family of four. You can even opt for an instant electric water heater, but typically that would mean that you will get a hot water supply only through one tap.

If your budget is somewhere between $400 to $2000, you can easily go for an electric variant. But before you decide on getting one, know that your electric bills can shoot up with daily use. So, check and calculate your electrical expenses before buying one.

Solar Heater

Solar water heaters come with a storage tank and a solar collector panel. If you have a four-person household, we suggest that you go for a tank that offers 310-350 litres of capacity. There’s a need for a larger tank that will help you store hot water even for days when the sunlight is not sufficient.

The tanks come with a gas or electric booster that helps to keep the water hot on cloudy days.

We must warn you that these units are comparatively more costly than the other two variants that we have mentioned before. It would even take you longer to install this item. You need to get an appointment with an experienced plumber to ensure proper installation. However, a good system will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

High Pressure Solar Hot Water System

You can even take advantage of incentives and government rebates that can help you with the purchasing cost. They are generally priced between $2200 to $7000. So, you should fix your budget accordingly.

Using A Heat Pump

A heat pump is a great option that uses the same working principle as an air-conditioner or a refrigerator. The unit extracts heat from the air and efficiently warms the water. The compressor and tanks are usually put together, but there are units in which these two parts are kept separately.

We also recommend that you use it outdoors, in a well-ventilated area. This will allow easier and quicker installation. However, most of the units are pretty noisy. So, ensure that it is not close to any other homes if you don’t want to face angry neighbours!


We have seen that these variants work the best when they are installed in moderate to warm climatic zones. But if you research well, you can even find units that can be used in chilly temperatures. These units come with booster elements that make that possible.

You will need to install a 250-320 litres tank if you have a larger household. And the price ranges between $2400 to $4000 if the installation charges are not included.

Should You Opt For A Storage Tank Or Instant Flow?

Once you have decided on the heating method, it is time to determine whether you want to go for a system that comes with a tank or one that heats water instantly.

Getting A Storage Tank

All the four options that we have mentioned before mostly come with a storage tank. If you go for a mild-steel tank, the chances are that it will rust over time. However, if you maintain it properly and service it every few years, you can prevent this problem. Mostly, these tanks have a warranty of 5-10 years.

Many of these variants come with one or two sacrificial anodes. If you are wondering what that is, let us explain. It is a metallic rod installed inside the tank that attracts all the impurities and minerals that can corrode the tank. You can get the help of a plumber to replace the anode every few years to add extra years to your heater’s life.

You can also opt for stainless steel tanks. They are a bit more expensive but will help you save a lot of money on maintenance. Most of them have a 10-year guarantee and hardly require maintenance. To decide which variety to go for, the first thing to do is to run checks on the water quality. This will help you understand what to choose.

And a small piece of advice- try to install the tanks in a sunny spot on your property. This is because the tanks tend to lose insulation capacity over time.

Instant Flow

The other option that you can go for is the instant flow hot water systems. The difference is that they only heat up as much water as you need but cannot store it. It does take up a few seconds before the water gets heated up and flows out of your tap.

You will find most of the variants in gas type, but some models are even available in electric options. Because the water does not get stored in a tank, there is no requirement for insulations, and the recurring costs are considerably low.

But identify your requirements before opting for one. The size that you require is determined by the number of hot water outlets that you have or plan on using. In general, if you have two bathrooms, you will need a flow rate of 24-25 litre/minute. For further assistance, we suggest having a word with your supplier.

Features To Consider

One essential thing to look out for is the warranty. It is always better to go for an item that comes with a longer warranty period as the maintenance charges will go down.

It is imperative to opt for a device that comes with anti-scale technology. This mechanism keeps the water swirling at the bottom of the tank to prevent the corrosive materials from settling down.

You can even look for glass-lined tanks as they play a major role in helping reduce corrosion.

Finding The Best Water Heater For You

We hope that you enjoyed reading this comprehensive guide as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you. After reading this, you must have a wide overview of how to choose the perfect water heater type for your home.

We have mentioned a few things that you should keep in mind before deciding what to buy. With the growing need of water heaters in the past few decades, getting one for your house is almost mandatory. And for that, you should understand your requirements well. Consider the size of your family, the weather conditions, and your daily needs. This would help you make a better decision.

And with that, it’s a wrap. Install that heater and soak all your worries away under the hot shower. Until next time, good luck finding the best hot water heater for your home!