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Let Lucid Plumbing Unclog your Blocked Drains

It’s a nightmare we’ve all experienced: a foul smell coming from the drain, water rising into your sink basins or bath, or groundwater collecting over a blocked drain. It’s never convenient and blockages not quickly tended to can cause catastrophic problems later on.

Catastrophes caused by untended blockages can include flooding, property damage, problematic insurance claims, environmental problems, and unnecessary stress.

At Lucid Plumbing, we can take all those anxieties away – whatever your drain-related crisis, we’ve seen it, tackled it, fixed it. We solve many domestic plumbing difficulties including:

  • Blocked Pipes
  • Blocked Stormwater Drains
  • Blocked Downpipes and Gutters
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Baths and Showers
  • Blocked Bathroom or Kitchen Sinks
  • Blocked Laundry Overflows
  • Blocked Internal Drains

It pays to diagnose a blocked drain early and at Lucid Plumbing we’re experts at doing just that. Of course, as the homeowner, you can help us by not delaying your call.

How to Diagnose a Blocked Drain

So how do you know when you have a blocked or obstructed drain? Let’s look at some of the warning signs that you may have a problem.

Early Indicators:

  • Slow draining of water.
  • Foul smell issuing from the drain.
  • Discoloured water.
  • Unusual gurgling sounds.
  • Water supply affected.
  • Water backing up.
  • Toilet no longer flushing properly.
  • Significant limescale build-up.

If you have any of these symptoms, you may well have a blocked or constricted drain. There are many ways you can attempt to unblock small problems at home, and you may be tempted to try them first.

However – please be cautious in attempting to fix a blocked drain yourself. Let’s look at some reasons why this course of action may be inadvisable.

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Exterior Drains

In a rain-heavy climate, drains take a heavy load. Often small branches and leaves are driven down the drain along with the water. Soil and sand can build up too. Storm-drains can only take so much before they stop working and the water inevitably finds its own disastrous course.

Even smaller domestic downpipes can become blocked with vegetation, stones, moss, dead animals and other detritus. When this happens, the problem can often be situated many feet underground, or deep in inaccessible piping.

Lucid plumbing uses remote-controlled CCTV cameras on flexible snaking cables to take a detailed look inside your pipes. We’ll find the blockage, identify what debris it’s comprised of, and formulate a strategy to remove it.

Interior Blockages

Drains in the home can frequently become blocked. Common causes of domestic pipe obstructions include:

  • Fat and grease – a common cause of kitchen blockages.
  • Hair – largely in bath and shower drains.
  • Sanitary products and non-degradable wipes – these can build up in interior drains AND in public sewer systems too.
  • Limescale build-up (see below).
  • Foreign objects – commonly, accidents or mischievous kids games can result in things falling down the drain.

What is Limescale?

In hard water regions, where rainwater drains through limestone, chalk, or gypsum, it can end up with a high mineral content. While this is not harmful to health, it can precipitate into solid deposits of (largely) calcium carbonate. This collects in metal pipes and fittings and can be a particular problem in showerheads, taps and other comparatively narrow spaces.

Limescale can be removed with the regular administration or water softeners or removed with chemical solvents. Where it occurs in inaccessible places and cause a significant problem, you may wish to call in a professional plumber to eradicate the build-up.

Limescale is particularly prevalent in Brisbane, Adelaide, and parts of Perth.

Internal Blockage
Plunger Unblocking Sink

Home Solutions and their Limitations

Plungers – a small blockage in a toilet, bath, or sink, can sometimes be moved by using a hand-plunger to force pressurised air down the pipe. However, it is important to realise that you may simply be pushing a blockage down the plumbing into a less accessible location.

Chemical Solvents – Apart from being potentially hazardous in terms of their corrosive nature and any gases released by consumer degreasers when they act on the blockage, this solution is only intermittently effective. Use of these chemicals may simply reduce the blockage, which will again build up over time.

Drain unblocking coils – While this piece of equipment can be highly effective on small blockages, it won’t work on larger problem situated further down the drain. Clearly, a coil is only effective up to its maximum length.

Coat-hangers and home-made solutions – when you start getting desperate and creating your own quick fixes, it’s time to call in the professionals. You can easily scratch or otherwise damage plastic or ceramic pipes and should your “innovative” solution itself get stuck in the pipe, that’s only going to make things worse (and make for some teasing opportunities from family members!)

What these home solutions have in common is that, even when they seem to have done the job, you don’t know whether you’ve really addressed the problem, made a temporary fix, or potentially made it much worse.

Lucid Plumbing has over ??? years’ experience in dealing with blocked drains and pipes of all varieties, in all locations. You have a much better chance of achieving a thorough fix by calling us.

Pipe and Drain Replacement

Where the problem warrants it, we are fully qualified to remove and replace domestic drains and pipes. We’ll turn off your water, analyse where the problem lies and the most effective way to address it.

Our repair and replacement pricing is always transparent so we’ll keep you appraised of any cost implications at all times.

Pipe Replacement
Underground Water Leak

Ground Water Leakage

A common cause of broken pipes is the gradual but destructive pressure of growing tree roots. Other common problems with old pipes include loosened joints and corrosion. Wear and tear can and will cause problems over time, resulting in a drain emptying out into the surrounding soil.

If you notice an area is regularly wet or contains pools of standing water, or if your home experiences subsidence, mould or rising damp, this may be due to ground water leakage. Such problems always require a professional diagnosis and repair plan.

You’ll often find such issues are caused by problems in public infrastructure. However, any damage to your home caused by plumbing in the public domain is generally covered by your domestic insurance, under public liability inclusions.

It’s always worth checking your home insurance policy to make sure you know what’s covered and what isn’t.

How We’ll Address Your Problem:

When you call Lucid Plumbing with an interior/exterior drain blockage, we’ll run through our diagnostic checklists and apply one or more of the following technologies:

  • CCTV cameras on extending coils, equipped with lights and able to send a detailed image back to a mobile monitor on the surface.
  • Hydro Jetters – High-powered pressurised sprays to clear obstructions.
  • Snaking Coils and Specialized Plungers – tools to physically remove blockages.
  • Industrial Strength Solvents – We’ll bring all the protective gear and institute all relevant safety procedures to ensure safe blockage dissolution. We pay particular attention when there are small children and pets who may be affected by fumes.

New technologies for clearing drains are being developed all the time. At Lucid Plumbing we’ll bring a range of up to the minute solutions to bear on your problem, clearing it in no time.

CCTV Camera Inspections

Remote camera inspection is one of our primary tools and it can save you thousands of pounds to have us inspect and identify a problem before it becomes a crisis.

We can usually be on site within two hours in an emergency and we always bring our CCTV secret weapon with us. Our remote blockage detection and envisioning tool can diagnose your problem at distances of up to ??? metres.

Armed with the knowledge gained by having actually seen the obstruction, we can then decide how best to remove it, using high-powered water jets, air pressure, chemical solvents or physical tools.

CCTV Drain Inspection
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How is Lucid Plumbing Different?

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Our Lucid Values

Our company has four core values which every one of our employees at Lucid Plumbing strive to uphold. These allow us to follow to continue to build the best reputation with our customers by delivering the greatest service to our local residents.

Commitment to Customers

Always being there for our customers with our same day 24/7 service.

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The work we do, we would be happy to have in our own homes.

Quality in Products

We only use the best products, tools and equipment.


We take responsibility for all workmanship with a guarantee.

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Very happy customer! I can't thank Ben, Fouad & Bradley enough for fixing an electrical fault (and dodgy wiring from times gone by) to make my home safer (as well as installing some additional points, tidying up some others and installing new interconnected smoke alarms).

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Always use this Service as they are always reliable, give a full explanation of work needed, and do a great job. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Ben who did the work.

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